2017 Ford Super Duty Review

With the 2017 Ford Super Duty, you get a machine that works every bit as hard. This truck has been engineered from the ground up to thrive in rugged enviornments, while towing and hauling loads you might've thought were impossible. Even more amazing, it does all this while providing a cab that's comfortable and technologically advanced, making for a luxurious mobile office.

You get plenty of choices, because the Ford Super Duty comes in 15 distinct models for 2017. Not only can you select a dizzying array of equipment, different bed and cab sizes add to the sheer variety.

Refined Power

The 2017 Ford Super Duty hits hard, but features advanced engineering to refine that brutal force, so you work smart, too. Two engine choices let you find the right combination for your life.

First is the 6.2-litre flex-fuel V-8, which pumps out more torque than any other gas-powered full-size pickup truck engine at 430 lb.-ft. It works with a TorqShift 6-speed automatic transmission. You can get an optional Live-Drive Power Takeoff (PTO) Provision with Mobile Mode, even though this engine doesn't run on diesel.
If you want to run the Ford Super Duty on alternative fuel, the available CNG/Propane Gaseous Engine Prep Package will let you do just that with the 6.2-litre engine. It sets everything up to run on gasoline, plus liquefied propane or compressed natural gas (CNG).

The alternative is a monstrous 6.7-litre Power Stroke turbo diesel V-8. It surges past competitors with 440 horsepower and 925 lb.-ft. of torque, plus it's B20-capable. You'll be amazed at how responsive this engine is, thanks to the placement of the turbocharger up top, between the cylinder heads. The exhaust manifold is inboard, near the turbo, cutting down severely on lag.

To help you take full advantage of this diesel engine, a smart exhaust brake is available. You turn it on with a switch mounted to the instrument panel, restricting flow to the turbo. The backpressure builds up, slowing the truck down without laying on the brake pedal. It's a great feature to have when hauling or towing big loads down steep hills.

Strong Capability

With the best conventional towing capability in its class, the Ford Super Duty is great for taking along trailers, boats or whatever else. If properly configured, the truck can pull up to 21,000 pounds (9,525 kg), thanks in part to the super sturdy chassis, driveline and axles.

If you're looking to use a 5th wheel, the truck can handle up to 27,500 pounds (12,474 kg). With a gooseneck, it pulls up to 32,500 pounds (14,742 kg).
When it comes to payload rating, the Ford Super Duty once again excels over competitors. It can handle up to 7,630 pounds (3,461 kg) of weight in the bed. The truck also has the best gross combination weight rating (GCWR) in its class at 41,800 pounds (18,960 kg).


Not only does the Ford Super Duty work hard, the interior comes with conveniences that will help you get more done. For example, you can get factory-installed auxiliary upfitter switches, a blind spot monitoring system and adaptive cruise control.

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2017 F-Series Super Duty
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