6 Warning Signs of Brakes in Need of Replacement

When to Replace: Six Signs That Point to a Need for New Brakes

No matter what kind of Ford model you own the truth is that there are parts of this long-lasting vehicle that must be replaced over time, including the brakes. Brakes may not be the coolest part on your car, but they are pertinent to assuring the safety of you and your passengers.

Of course, there are some obvious signs that your brakes need servicing, such as the brake light appearing on your car's dashboard or the feeling that your vehicle is taking longer to stop than it should, but do you know what a few additional warning signs are when deciding if your vehicle is need of a brake replacement?

Screeching Sound

This is one of the most obvious sounds that car brake problems are in the beginning stages. Caused by a piece of metal called a wear indicator that is attached to most brake pads. When the padding has worn past a certain point this piece of metal makes contact with the disc resulting in the squeal of alarm to alert you to the need of replacement. The initial warning squeal means you have the ability to make it safely to your Cambrose, AB Ford service center. Ignoring this sound for too long will result in a complete wearing away of the pads resulting in braking metal-on-metal causing more damage.

Brake Repair

Grinding or Growling Noises

Ignoring the former warning sign will eventually lead to the worst sound that you could hear coming from your vehicle. Grinding, growling, crunching or chewing metal noises from your brakes almost always mean that you need to get to your Lamb Ford service center immediately for a brake inspection. Be prepared, as the brake pads are most likely worn out, but if you have waited this long you may be in need of additional repairs.


If you own a high-performance vehicle, like the Ford Mustang or a hard-working truck like the popular Ford F-150, you drive a Ford model with high performance brakes that often endure abuse due to extreme braking. This type of braking often causes the brake rotors to heat and warp every time that you tap on the brakes. Over time, this will cause your brakes to chatter and vibrate every time that you attempt to use them. If you notice this feeling, it is time to consider brake maintenance.


Has your car ever felt like it has a mind of its own? Instead of continuing to roll along the road in the direction that you are pointing it, your Ford is pulling to either the right or left. This could indicate a problem with a brake caliper that can be caused by uneven brake pads. While this problem can also be caused by other problems, it is important to have this issue inspected by one of our Ford specialists.

Unusual Feeling in Brake Pedal

In addition to feeling soft, your brake pedal can also have other unusual feelings that may point to a need for new brakes. While a soft brake pedal could indicate an unevenly worn rotor, dirty brake fluid or contamination of the fluid by moisture, a pedal that hits the floor when trying to slow your car this indicates a real need for car maintenance.

Vehicle Shakes

If your whole car shakes when stopping this warning sign could indicate that your Ford is in need of new rear brakes. To test this scenario, we recommend gently applying the emergency brake while driving slowly in a secluded area, away from traffic. If the shakiness becomes more apparent it is best time to consider new rear brakes.

If you are in the market for new brake pads or rotors you have come to the right place. Our parts department has exactly what you need to keep you going safely as well as the trained service specialists to assure proper car maintenance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.