How Often Should You Get Your Oil Changed? Here's What You Should Know

Today’s vehicle engines have gotten more powerful, complex and sophisticated. They now must also get better fuel economy, while emitting fewer pollutants.


Motor oil technology has steadily advanced along with engine technology. The oil industry has responded to the demands of automakers and regulators with products that can withstand the demands of today’s higher-output and hotter-running engines. Today, motor oils also have a positive impact on fuel economy.


What Does The Oil Really Do In Your Engine?

The oil that circulates through the engine of your vehicle has several important functions:


· Carrying away contaminants and debris

· Protecting against wear

· Preventing corrosion

· Keeping the moving parts from touching

· Reducing friction

· Transferring heat away


Modern motor oils are a very complex blend of base oil stock and additives. These additives assist with all of the non-lubricating functions of the oil between recommended changes. The additives are responsible for:


· Reducing friction for improved fuel economy

· Letting the oil flow smoothly at low temperatures

· Preventing oil oxidation at high temperatures

· Keeping oil from foaming in the crankcase

· Protecting metal parts from corrosion caused by moisture and acids

· Keeping the oil thick enough at high temperatures

· Inhibiting the formation of deposits, rust, and corrosion

· Keeping solid particles in solution

· Preventing wear if the oil does not lubricate properly


As you can see, your oil has a very important role in how your engine performs. So how often should you have an oil change?


The Easy Answer: Check Your Owner’s Manual First

Your owner’s manual has the information that you need to know to make an informed decision about oil change intervals. It will tell you what type of oil is recommended for the specific type of climate you live in, and also how many miles you should drive between oil changes. You can use this to plan your next oil change, and schedule a service appointment for your Ford vehicle at Lamb Ford.


If That Doesn’t Work, Contact Us

If you can’t find your manual, or are unable to locate this information, you are welcome to contact us at Lamb Ford in Camrose. We will be happy to supply you with the information you need, including the availability of a convenient service appointment.


What Else Needs To Be Done During An Oil Change?

Your oil filter is an important part of your engine’s lubrication system. It filters impurities like metal particles, dirt, and other byproducts of combustion from your oil, as it circulates through your engine, mile after mile. After thousands of miles of filtering, it gets worn out and needs to be changed. This gives you a brand new, fresh filter, all ready to filter your new oil and keep it clean as it does its job!


For An Oil Change Or Any Car Care Need, You Can Rely On Us

When it’s time to change your oil, come in for servicing, or have a repair done, you can count on Lamb Ford in Camrose for all your car maintenance needs. Your car’s safety and continued smooth operation are very important to us.


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