Spring Car Care Tips

The term "spring cleaning" is well-known and well-used, but it's questionable how many of us see spring as a time when a particular in-depth cleaning job is required. But if we refine the term to spring car maintenance instead, then it could be seen in an entirely different and perhaps more serious light. Most of us are aware we should get our car ready for winter, but spring driving can be very different to winter driving in many parts, so here are some spring car care tips to get you ready for the onset of the better weather.

Get a Good Wash

It seems pretty pointless cleaning a car in the depths of winter, so the arrival of spring is a great reminder that it's probably about time to get it done. Of course, it's going to get dirty again before too long, and we can always use that as an excuse to do it later, but washing the winter off your car is about more than it just looking beautiful for a short while. Lots of nasties such as dirt, grime, and salt are deposited all over your vehicle during winter, so washing it off is essential. A good wash and wax will help to keep your paintwork looking its best, but a good wash underneath to remove salt to prevent rust taking a hold is even more essential.

Don't Forget the Inside

You've probably not wanted to clean the inside when the weather's been bad, so now's the time to get it done. More important than a nice environment though is a clean windshield. Regularly wiping and de-misting during winter will have left a film on the inside of the glass that can become a problem when the sun is shining bright. It's not the most fun job you'll ever do, but you'll feel very proud of the result when it's done.

Tire Swaps

Obviously you fitted a dedicated set of specialist winter tires before the bad weather closed in, so now it's time to swap back to the all-weather rubber. Modern winter tires can cope with warm, dry road surfaces infinitely better than they used to do years ago, but there's no point wearing them out unnecessarily when you'll want them at their best next winter.

Tracking and suspension

Potholes appear like some bad kind of magic as the snow and ice retreats, but the chances are they've been taking a toll on your car's underpinnings for some time. If your tracking is out or your suspension has been damaged by the pummeling handed out by the potholes, your tires will wear unevenly, and you'll have to replace them sooner than you really should. Save money in the long terms by getting these important things checked out while you're having your tires swapped.

Check you Fluids

You'll have used your windshield washers a lot during winter, and you may have been tempted just to keep topping up with water. Make sure there's a proper screen wash solution in there as mud thrown up in spring after a shower can dry quickly, and you'll need your washers at their best. Check your wiper blades too for cracking and nicks in the rubber.

Another seriously important thing to do is to get an oil change. Your oil will have been heating and cooling to extremes during the cold weather, and your engine will have been working extra hard too. You should always keep up with regular oil changes anyway, but after winter is an especially important time to get it done or do it yourself.

Remember, here at Lamb Ford we can take care of all this for you so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to book your car in.

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