How To Reduce Fuel Consumption?

As a driver, you're wise to be looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption. After all, having to spend more money on gas or diesel than what's necessary doesn't help with your finances. Poor fuel economy also contributes to air pollution and damages the environment.

To avoid these problems, read on for some fuel saving tips from the professionals at Lamb Ford Sales.

Slow Down

Speeding can actually hurt fuel economy. It might seem like a small thing, but, slowing down to the speed limit or a little under can help you save gas. The engine must work harder when you keep pressing on the accelerator. That, in turn, means it burns more fuel.

Planning ahead will help you avoid this common pitfall. Thanks to smartphones, you can set reminders to get ready for appointments in advance. If you leave your house, work, or anywhere else early, even slower traffic and other surprises won't cause you to be late.

The same goes for getting up to speed quickly. Accelerating at a slow and steady pace maximizes your fuel. Stomping on the pedal will drop efficiency in a hurry. Once you get up to the right speed, cruise along, pressing on the accelerator only as needed. If possible, coast to stops, instead of slamming on the brake pedal.

Maintain Your Car

A car that isn't in good operating condition can consume more fuel than necessary. Telltale signs that you need to address issues is if the car fails an emissions test, or the engine runs rough.

Your trusted service shop can help fix problems with the engine or other major systems. While it will cost some money to make repairs or perform maintenance, you'll save on fuel for years to come.

Some maintenance items take little effort, so you can take care of them yourself. For example, you should regularly check all four tires to see that they have the right amount of air pressure. About the same time, look at all the fluids in your car, and top off any that are running low.

Plan Ahead

You waste fuel by not planning for your day or week. When you combine trips, you actually use less fuel, and you also save on time.

Remember that when the engine is cold, your fuel economy is at its worst. That means you should go to the furthest destination first, giving the engine enough time to warm up all the way. As you go to the other places, you'll be consuming less fuel, so you don't have to fill up nearly as often.

If possible, go to work earlier or later than most people. By not sitting in stop-and-go traffic, you'll cut down on fuel consumption dramatically. You can also leave work earlier or later, so your return trip also uses less gas.

Forming a carpool helps, too. Several people riding in a car burns less fuel than if each individual were to drive alone. Everyone can take turns driving, spreading out the cost.

Contact Lamb Ford if you need more tips about saving fuel, or want to make an appointment for servicing.