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Our Fleet History
Lamb Ford has been a provider of Fleet vehicles since the early 2000s. Over this time frame we have provided Fleet vehicles to a variety of different size companies, we have been awarded contracts ranging from single vehicles for local municipalities to upwards of 2 million dollars for large privately and publicly owned companies. Over 100 Fleet vehicles are provided or delivered annually by our team.

Our Commitments
Lamb Ford is committed to proving a safe and healthy workplace for all its employees and follows all required safety standards for a business in the Province of Alberta. We strive to ensure that all vehicles provided through our Fleet programs follow the agreed upon timelines and meet specifications as required by our customers. We are ready and eager to provide any information available to our customers to ensure they are best able to utilize Ford vehicles in the manner that ideally suits their individual and corporate needs.

Our Capability
Lamb Ford has the resources and capacity to provide and service Fleet vehicles including dealership accessory up fitting, warranty and service repairs both mechanical and collision related, and 3rd party up fitting where appropriate or necessary. We have the capability to acquire and store fleet orders for dozens of vehicles at a time if required during the purchase process, giving us the flexibility to service multiple customers as well as provide delivery flexibility for our customers.

One Space For All Your Financing

Ford Pro FinSimple has been created to make it easier than ever before to purchase or lease vehicle for your fleet. With combined billing, financing upfits, commercial lines of credit and the option to work with a finance expert, FinSimple provides everything your business needs to succeed.

Lamb Ford Sales Commercial & Fleet Design Realizations

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commercial vehicle design van
commercial vehicle design heavy metal 2
commercial vehicle design heavy metal
commercial vehicle design truck
commercial vehicle design security
commercial vehicle design security front
commercial vehicle design high drive front
commercial vehicle design high drive